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Decatur, AL 35601.

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Why us?

Serving North Alabama since 1955

There is a long and rich history in the Cagle family of good alignment and frame technicians. Greer Cagle started in the alignment and frame straightening business in Decatur Alabama in 1955.  Greer Cagle built and moved to the current location in 1969. Bob Cagle, Greer’s brother also operated the business at this location as well as Bob’s stepson Johnny Miller. Greer’s son Brian took over the business in 1988 and updated all of the equipment.

Paul and Todd Cagle purchased the business as father-and-son partners in 2001. Paul is the nephew of Greer.  Paul retired in 2010 and now Todd Cagle manages the business.

Paul’s brother Jeff Cagle has worked for the shop since 1988 and brings much depth and experience to the business.  Cagle Front End & Tire truly is redefining family business in Decatur, Alabama.

  • If you ask us to fix it, we will fix it right, on time and on budget.
  • If you didn’t ask us to fix it we don’t touch it.
  • We offer tire truing
  • Tire match mounting
  • On the car spin balancing
  • Over 100 years combined experience in the alignment and tire business
  • Word of mouth is the best compliment.
Jeff C – Payless Pharmacy
The guys down at Cagle's Front-end and Tire have been taking care of my families 4 vehicles for many years. Whether it is brakes, tires or front end work I can always count on a fair price and timely service. As a business owner myself I believe it is important to support locally owned shops especially when they provide great service.
Mike W – Hartselle, AL
I have been using Cagle Front End and Tire in Decatur, AL for many years.  When I first moved to the Tennessee Valley in 1997 I would  take my car to Walmart.  The wait time for my tire work increased every time I went.  Each time a different person worked on my car who didn't know who I was.  So, I started looking for a a place where I could get in and out in a reasonable amount of time.  Cagle Front End and Tire is a perfect fit for me.  I love walking in and hearing Todd say, "Hey Mr. Mike, what's up with you."  Talk about personal service!  Thanks guys!  By the way, I need another tire rotation in about 1000 miles!
Jeanne Eakes – Decatur, AL
I have done business with Cagle Front End & Tire for over 20 years. They have always been friendly and fair. If they found a problem with my vehicle they told me about it but were never out to take advantage of me. I brought my car in recently and had the brakes checked because the dealership told me I needed new ones. The guys at Cagle said I had plenty of wear left on them. I trust Todd Cagle and his staff. I recommend Cagle Front End & Tire to anyone that needs their vehicle serviced because I know they will treat others right.






cagle front end and tire - alignment

  • Four-wheel computer alignment
  • Experienced Technicians
  • Corrects tire wear
  • Prolongs tire life

Brakes Service

cagle front end and tire - air conditioning service

  • Eliminates brake vibration
  • Lifetime warranty pads
  • European foreign and domestic
  • ABS repair

Struts & Suspension

cagle front end and tire - struts and suspension

  • Rattles
  • Bumps
  • Squeaks
  • We fix them all

Tire Sales

cagle front end and tire - tire sales

  • Computer Balance
  • Tire Truing
  • Flat repair
  • Complete tire service

Electrical  & AC

cagle front end and tire - electrical repair

  • Check engine light
  • Engine diagnosis
  • Electric windows
  • Electric door locks
  • AC service done right

FAQ’S & News

  • Why does my car vibrate when I apply the brakes?

    The brake system is designed to dissipate energy in the form of heat. This heating and cooling process can warp rotors on late-model vehicles. The warped rotor feels like a vibration to the driver when it rotates through the caliper. Resurfacing the rotors will smooth out this problem.

  • Why does my vehicle pull to the right or left?

    Two things can cause a vehicle to pull to one side. First, misalignment may be the problem. Realigning the vehicle will cure this.  The second reason may be a bad tire.  These can also cause a vehicle to pull.

  • Why does my vehicle shake while traveling down the road?

    Most of the time it is an out of balance tire. Rotating and balancing the tires will usually fix this problem.   A tire that is out of round needs to be replaced.  It will continue to vibrate even after it’s balanced.

  • What is that rattling noise when I hit a bump?

    The simplest item would be worn sway bar links.

    This is a quick and inexpensive repair.

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